What is Organisational Dynamics?

Organisational dynamics is a whole systems approach which explores the interactions between an organisations purpose, values, processes, policies, cultures and behaviours. Organisational Dynamics provides learning and insights which underpin the development of a Transformational Culture. A culture which is fair, just, sustainable, inclusive, and high-performing.

The world's first Transformational Culture Hub

More and more organisations are striving to create a fair, just, sustainable, inclusive and high performing culture - a Transformational Culture. We are a driving force behind this change.
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Developing excellence in Alternative Dispute Resolution

The Institute of Organisational Dynamics supports mediators and ADR advocates to develop their practice via high quality continuing professional development (CPD). We have developed a set of professional mediation practice standards to support the continued development of the mediation profession.

Transformational Leadership and HR

The Institute of Organisational Dynamics develops and disseminates best practice in transformational leadership and human resources. We offer insights, research and expertise which supports the development of a happier, healthier, harmonious and higher-performing organisation.
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Commissioning, creating and curating world class research

A principal aim of The Institute of Organisational Dynamics is to generate and disseminate high quality research, data and evidence to support business leaders, HR professionals and practitioners.

Welcome to The Institute of Organisational Dynamics

The Institute of Organisational Dynamics is a think tank for the emerging People and Culture profession, and has been created for individuals and organisations who have an interest in the areas of transformational culture; systems thinking; transformational HR & transformational leadership; sustainable business practices; conflict management; alternative dispute resolution (ADR); restorative justice; organisational development; positive psychology; emotional intelligence; principled negotiation; non-violent communication and behavioural science.

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About The Institute of Organisational Dynamics

Founded by David Liddle, respected author and CEO of The TCM Group, The Institute of Organisational Dynamics is a forum for members, as well as, ADR practitioners, HR and OD professionals, coaches, academics, business leaders, and many others to come together in the spirit of promoting best practice in the development of human and humane working practices and organisational systems.

In a nutshell, The Institute of Organisational Dynamics:

  • Connects people and organisations with each other.
  • Promotes the development of a Transformational Culture within organisations (a fair, just, inclusive and high performing culture). We are the world’s first Transformational Culture Hub.
  • Access to People & Culture Essentials webinars & podcasts.
  • Offers a variety of events to our members, including podcasts and webinars, under the name of People and Culture Essentials (PACE).
  • Creates, curates and commissions research and evidence.
  • Provides a space for members to learn from each other, to share stories, and to celebrate the benefits of a person-centred and values based organisational culture.
  • Enhances the profile of compassionate and collaborative problem-solving techniques such as mediation, facilitation and restorative justice.
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Benefits of membership

The Institute of Organisational Dynamics offers a programme of continuing professional development (CPD) events, workshops, webinars and podcasts for members. Our CPD events are mainly run on an open-access basis, however, we can also come onsite for a small fee to design and deliver CPD events which are tailored to meet the unique needs of your organisation.

Below are just some of the benefits that The Institute of Organisational Dynamics delivers:

  • A unique online portal for our members to access toolkits and resources.
  • A professional network for accredited mediators, investigators, facilitators, and coaches.
  • Access to high impact Continuing Professional Development (CPD).
  • Free or discounted access to a wide range of workshops, webinars, and events.
  • A network for organisations who have an Internal Mediation Scheme.
  • Free advice from expert consultants.
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Member news & events

In addition to our freely available resources, members have exclusive access to a diverse portfolio of training and events, including webinars, CPD sessions and networking events. Members will also receive regular updates via our weekly newsletters which will contain information on key topics, industry relevant articles, research opportunities, upcoming events, recent blogs and more.

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